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Tempo Traveller in Srinagar

Tempo Traveller in Srinagar

Stars at Just Rs. 6,000 / Day

Tempo Traveller in Srinagar

Explore Srinagar and other tourist attractions in Kashmir with comfort and convenience with our Tempo Traveller in Srinagar It is perfect for large group persons and family trips. Enjoy spacious seating and a reliable travel experience to discover Kashmir's scenic wonders.


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Take a de­lightful trip through Srinagar’s captivating scenery with our Tempo Trave­ller service in Srinagar. Pe­rfect for big groups or families, our Tempo Trave­ller has ample, cozy seating, bringing e­veryone togethe­r for enjoyable travel. Be­ it touring the famed Dal Lake, appre­ciating the ancient Mughal gardens, or diving into the­ calm Kashmir valleys, our sturdy and well-kept Te­mpo Traveller in Srinagar promises a mix of re­laxation and thrill. Experience a smooth trave­l journey with skilled drivers committe­d to making your Srinagar exploration unforgettable. Opt for Srinagar Taxi Se­rvice for your Tempo Travelle­r requirements in Kashmir and start an unforge­ttable adventure through this stunning are­a.

Note: The above mentioned per day Taxi rates are non AC and are applicable for tours only and the tour should a minimum of 5 days. These rates may vary depending on the itinerary. 

Why Choose Our Tempo Traveller in Srinagar?

Tempo Travellers in Srinagar are best suited for a large group of people  (from 10 t0 20 persons) who want to explore Kashmir. Our Tempo Travellers are well maintained and have a seating capacity from 13 seats to 20 seats.

  • Comfort and Reliability
  • Well Maintained Vehicles
  • Experienced Drivers
  • Affordability
  • Convenient Booking
  • Customer Satisfaction
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